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Headlight Restoration

In winter in Toronto, poor road visibility can be deadly. This is why if you have even so much as a failed indicator light, local law enforcement can and will ticket you. This and occasionally insist that your vehicle is rendered immobile until a problem is resolved. Did you know, however, that driving with foggy headlights which cast dim, yellow, oxidized beams, can be just as dangerous as driving with no headlights at all?


Routine Headlight Polishing & Foggy Headlight Repair Services

At Detailing Pro Shop in Toronto, we’re just as passionate about overall road safety as we are high-quality vehicle presentation. This is why we offer a professional headlight restoration service, designed to help you save money on replacing headlights, whilst still benefiting from better road safety & increase visibility.


Foggy Headlight Repair For Improved Light Brightness & Road Visibility

Car headlights become cloudy due to the fact that most headlight houses are made using polycarbonate plastic. This is plastic which is strong. The only problem is that as vehicles age, headlights gradually start to react with everyday pollution, UV radiation, and even many common car cleaning chemicals.

Sadly, replacement headlights can cost in excess of $350 per pair. What is worse, using the wrong home cleaning chemicals and polishing techniques can make light from headlight houses dimmer and more scattered, leading to markedly reduced road safety. This is why our own 4 – step headlight restoration includes:

  • Professional washing & decontamination of headlight units using only manufacturer approved chemicals
  • Careful buffing of headlights to remove oxidation layers and make light brighter and less yellow
  • A two and sometimes three stage painting of headlight surfaces to remove scratches caused by buffing, as well as make light leaving units as bright and as directly focused as possible
  • Application of oxidation sealants to help protect car headlights for as far as possible into the foreseeable future.


Benefit From Fast & Professional Headlight Restoration In Toronto Today

At Detailing Pro Shop, we save you money whilst also ensuring your continued road safety. This being the case, don’t wait to get your headlights in check. Instead, call or contact us now for further information.

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