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Car Detailing Pickering

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    In Pickering and elsewhere, many people confuse car cleaning and detaining with regular car washing. Sadly, even with modern cars, regular washing and waxing, simply isn’t enough to protect car exteriors from environmental pollution and oxidation.

    Unbeknownst to many new car buyers, most car clear coats are compromised far in advance of vehicles reaching showroom floors. This being the case, new car owners should make exterior detailing one of their top priorities after purchasing a new vehicle.

    Of course, professional car detailing is about much more than just improved car paintwork protection.

    Cleaning inside, outside, and even under the hood, professional car detailing is about reconditioning all visible car surface areas. As a result, car owners who invest in semi-regular detailing, benefit from better driving comfort coupled with significantly reduced on-going vehicle maintenance costs.

    What Are The Benefits Of Professional Auto Detailing?

    The number one benefit of car detailing rests with the fact that regular cleaning and waxing helps preserve exterior paintwork for longer.

    Waxing, buffing, and applications of new clear coats, completely mitigate the effects of environmental pollution on car paintwork. Meanwhile, robust interior cabin cleaning can help add significant resale value and comfort to even older vehicles.

    Auto Detailing For Every Budget

    At Auto Detailing Pro, we know that the needs of regular vehicle owners often differ from those of commercial vehicle operators. This is why we offer a wide range of partial and full-service vehicle detailing options.

    Our Pickering Auto Detailing Services Include:

    • Full interior and/or exterior car cleaning and detailing
    • Luxury & classic car cleaning and detailing
    • Clear coat application services
    • Ceramic coating application services
    • Full engine detailing
    • Ozone generation & odor removal
    • Headlight restoration services
    • Professional scratch and dent removal
    • 7-days a week car and vehicle detailing
    • Fully mobile car cleaning & detailing

    At Auto Detailing Pro Every Detail Counts

    A drive-through car wash might seem like the easiest option when your Pickering car is looking a little lackluster. Did you know, however, that drive-through car wash brushes can actually damage your car’s clear coat?

    At Auto Detailing Pro, we turn back time for vehicle owners by cleaning with genuine care and attention to detail.

    Are you looking to rediscover the car which you first fell in love with? If so, request a callback from us today and let’s start discussing how we might be able to help you do that.

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