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Car Detailing Richmond Hill

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    Washing and waxing are always the go-to option when it comes to making sure that your car is in tip-top condition. Regular washing, however, might not always be what’s best for your vehicle.

    Many things can cause damage to your car. Such things include environmental damage, bird droppings, and simple wear and tear. Thankfully, at Detailing Pro in Richmond Hill, we can help mitigate all of the aforementioned.

    Benefits Of A Professional Car Cleaning

    At Detailing Pro, we have several years experience when it comes to car cleaning and detailing. Because of this, we provide full-service interior and exterior car detailing for a wide variety of vehicles .

    We remove dirt from engine bays. We work to protect car paint work and interior upholstery. Even better, we can attend to professional headlight restoration. This way, your headlights can work as good as new, regardless of the age of your vehicle.

    Car Cleaning And Detailing For Both Commercial And Luxury Cars

    Nothing is worse than being a taxi driver, or working for Uber or Lyft, and having a car that looks less than presentable. This is why here at Detailing Pro in Richmond Hill, we’re committed to making sure that your car is cleaned with the utmost attention to detail.

    Using steam cleaning and only the most sympathetic detergents and cleaning methods, we can help your car look the best that it can, even if it is otherwise well-worn on the inside or out.

    Open 7 Days A Week

    Not everyone is able (or has the free time availabe) to bring their car in Monday-Friday. This is why we work around a 7-day a week service schedule.

    You simply tell us who and where you are. We then arrive on-site and attend to your personal or commercial car cleaning needs as efficiently and as expeditiously as possible.

    Our Detailing Packages

    Already take great care of your car? If so, you might not be in need of full-service professional car cleaning. Thankfully, our cleaning and detailing packages can be augmented to fit any budget.

    From a standalone wash and wax, to more thorough engine bay detailing, and headlight restoration, we provide the services you need, in a way which reflects your budget and vehicular use case.

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