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Rim Repair Services

Alloy wheels are commonplace today. We love them for the character and beauty they impart to our cars. Virtually all cars come with alloy wheels as standard or as a popular upgrade that many vehicle buyers love.

Unfortunately, however, rim damage is also common for many car owners. Alloy wheels do not hold up to the brutal environments we drive as well as steel rims. Common types of rim damage include scuffing and gouges, bending, cracks, corrosion, and curb damage. As specialists in rim repair, we offer high-quality rim repair that return your rim to OEM spec. Call us for professional rim repair services.

Welcome To Our Rim Repair Service Page.

We offer a full range of rim repair services. Crucially, we always maintain utmost care and professionalism to ensure we deliver safe and aesthetically-pleasing wheels.

Bent Rim Straightening

While driving around, you will inevitably hit potholes or drive over rough terrain. In some cases, the result of driving over rough terrain or potholes is a deformed rim that is unsightly and dangerous to use on the road. We use hydraulic presses to straighten the rim to its original spec and shape.

Rim Crack Repair And Welding

Rims are exposed to tremendous forces and the rigors of Mother Nature. For instance, curb rash is quite common. Hitting potholes exposes the wheels to cracks from as small as hairline to large noticeable cracks. However, regardless of the size of the cracks, you must repair any damage to your wheels. It’s a safety issue and affects the aesthetics of the wheels.

We repair cracks using various methods such as TIG welding and CNC machining the repaired section, ensuring your wheels are safe and legal to use.

Corrosion Repair

As your wheels are exposed to moisture, brake dust, road salt, and acid cleaners can attack the alloy wheels causing corrosion. In turn, the corrosion will deteriorate the wheel finish and impacting the performance of the wheels, for instance, it is common for chrome wheels to pit where the tire meets the rim, affecting the wheel seal.

We offer corrosion repairs that fix these issues, ensuring your wheels appear and perform as brand new. This involves repairing the corroded sections of the rim, priming and painting the parts, and finally coating the rim to protect it from corrosion in the future.

CNC Lathe-Machined Rim Repairs And Re-Polishing

Face damage and scuffing is almost an inevitable part of driving. Your wheels will come in contact with items that scuff your wheels. CNC lathe machine repairs remove a thin uniform layer from the face of the wheels, thereby restoring their shine. Coupled with rim re-polishing, CNC machining repairs are the perfect way to give your machined wheels a new stunning look free of scuffs.

Professional Rim Repainting

Whether you are looking to touch up your wheels and return them to their former glory or customize your wheels with a new colorway by powder coating them, we are your to-go-to-wheel painting specialists. We’ve invested in professional wheel painting equipment that ensures you get the best result possible. Importantly, we have a wide selection of paints, and our professional wheel painters are adept at matching paints to both OEM and aftermarket colors.

Other services we offer include loaner wheel products and mobile tire services.

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