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Car Detailing Scarborough

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    Did you know that accumulated dust and trodden in road debris in your car, can contain chemicals which slowly dull and corrode interior surface areas?

    We all know how important it is to regularly wash and wax vehicle exteriors. Interior car detailing, however, is just as important as preemptively maintaining exterior car paintwork.

    Thankfully, at Auto Detailing Pro in Scarborough, we provide meticulous car cleaning and detailing services suitable for both individuals and commercial vehicle operators.

    From meticulous clay bar cleaning to reconditioning of interior upholstery, we help Scarborough car owners drive safely and more comfortably when on the road. Even better, our cleaning and detailing services are proven to help prolong the overall aesthetic lifetimes of the vehicles we work with.

    Our Auto Detailing Services

    At Auto Detailing Pro in Scarborough, we cater for a wide range of individual and enterprise customers. This being the case, we offer a range of car detailing services designed to suit a wide range of budgets and individual client needs.

    Our Services Include:

    • Luxury & classic car detailing
    • Full interior and exterior detailing
    • New car clear coat restoration services
    • Ceramic coating applications
    • Engine bay cleaning & detailing
    • 7-day fully mobile car cleaning & detailing
    • Headlight restoration services
    • Professional scratch & paintless dent removal
    • Car cabin only car detailing
    • Exterior detailing & paint protection services

    At Auto Detailing Pro Every Detail Counts

    A drive-through car wash might seem like the easiest option when your Pickering car is looking a little lackluster. Did you know, however, that drive-through car wash brushes can actually damage your car’s clear coat?

    At Auto Detailing Pro, we turn back time for vehicle owners by cleaning with genuine care and attention to detail.

    Are you looking to rediscover the car which you first fell in love with? If so, request a callback from us today and let’s start discussing how we might be able to help you do that.

    Quality Car Cleaning You Can Rely On

    Are you looking to revitalize the look and feel of the car you’re driving? If so, a regular car wash simply won’t do. Thankfully, at Auto Detailing Pro, we’re just as passionate about your car’s looks as you are.

    We don’t just wash and wax the cars we work with. We peel back years in the layers of dirt we remove, before fully reconditioning every inch of the vehicles we work on. All you need to do is tell us how thoroughly you would like your vehicle detailed.

    Request a call-back from one of our team today and let us help you rediscover your vehicles full potential.

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