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Car Detailing Thornill

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    Unlike machine car washing and waxing, professional car detailing isn’t just about sprucing up car paintwork.

    From a purely aesthetic perspective, car detailing can dramatically increase the visual appeal of a vehicle. Detailing itself, however, is about much more than just buffing, waxing, and applying new car clear coats.

    Professional cleaning and mobile car detailing thornhill lifts corrosive dirt from even the hardest to reach vehicle areas. Meanwhile, interior upholstery and engine bay cleaning can significantly reduce every day wearing of interior cabin fittings and key car engine components.

    Key Detailing Benefits

    Car detailing in Thornhill focuses on lifting dirt from car interiors, exteriors, and engine bays. As well, however, as just removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime, detailing also works to completely recondition all essential car surface areas.

    From interior leather upholstery to rubber hoses and headlights, cleaning and detailing cuts car maintenance costs, whilst simultaneously facilitating safer, more hassle-free driving.

    Other Benefits

    By re-equipping cars with a showroom standard of professional cleanliness, detailing adds value to even older vehicles. Much more importantly, regular detailing improves cabin comfort, making cleaning and detailing essential for operators of Thornhill hire cars and taxi services.

    Our Services

    At Auto Detailing Pro in Thornhill, our customers can choose from a wide variety of separate (or combined) interior, exterior, and engine bay cleaning packages. Much more importantly, our cleaning teams can provide extra services such as professional headlight restoration and application of new car clear coats.

    Capable of servicing a wide variety of vehicles, our full services include:

    • New car clear coat applications
    • New ceramic coating applications
    • Under the hood engine bay detailing
    • Headlight restoration services
    • Luxury & classic car cleaning and detailing
    • Full interior and/or exterior car detailing
    • Ozone generation & odor removal
    • Professional scratch & paintless dent removal

    Committed To Better Car Cleanliness

    With semi-regular car detailing in Thornhill, you can rest assured that your car will keep on turning heads for all the right reasons.

    Are you ready to experience improved interior cabin comfort? If so, request a callback from one of our auto detailing experts today. As soon as you do, we’ll then match your car cleaning requirements with one of our service packages. All you need to is tell us what kind of car you are driving and where and when you would like us to attend to your vehicle.

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